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10/31/2009 | "DEL EN | HØST" TAPE RUNNING OUT!!!
The cassette tape version of the Del En | Høst album is running out very fast. It is no longer available through Ea, Lord Of The Tapes; it is no only available directly from me, and I only have about 20 copies of the 100 left, so if you want one of these, move quickly! Those interested in ordering a copy, simply get in touch and I will set you up with an order through Paypal.

10/06/2009 | "DEL EN | HØST" 2nd PRESSING AVAILABLE NOW!!!
A second pressing of 500 copies of Del En | Høst (CD version) is now available and all distributors are fully stocked once again.

Once again, the live line-up has fallen apart, disabling HØST from performing any time soon, however this time it actually happened to my benefit since all I have been doing since this past tour is preparing to record a new album with no intentions of playing live until its release. Things are changing in a major way and once the near future is a bit more clear, I will make an official update. All I can rightfully say at this time is that I have finished writing a new album, will be recording very soon, and currently do not have any intentions of performing with HØST as you know it.

09/01/2009 | "DEL EN | HØST" LTD. CASSETTE OUT NOW!!!
The first full length album, "Del En | Høst" is now available on cassette tape courtesy of EA, LORD OF THE TAPES based out of Iowa. This is a one time run and is extremely limited to only 100 copies, so get one while you can at Ea, Lord Of The Tapes. Again, this will be the only time that the cassette version will be in production, so this is a highly recommended item for you fans.

08/25/2009 | END OF TOUR UPDATE + NEWS
My appreciation and thanks go out to all of the promoters, bands, venues, and of course show-goers who did their parts to make this past tour possible; an extra special thanks go to my friends who gave their all to make us welcome in their cities (you know who you are). Now begins a new chapter for HØST. Writing for the new full length album is near completion and plans for recording this fall are solidifying. There will be no live performances until the new album is complete, and there will be some major changes taking place that will ultimately better the experience for everybody. Expect new, better things in the very near future and those of you that have not read the new interview conducted by Ryan Beuge, please do so here: (CLICK HERE)

08/18/2009 | NEW INTERVIEW!!!
There is a brand new interview out conducted by Ryan Beuge of; I think it is a very intelligent, informative look at both the current events and near future plans for us. You can find the featured article here: (CLICK HERE)

We are looking forward to hitting the road again this time with our friends Gumbi of Fargo. The booking came along very well and we anticipate a very smooth and enjoyable tour. This tour will be in support of a split 7" record between Gumbi and us, and we will be pushing it on all that attend the shows along the tour. There will also be some copies floating around online from Init Records ( for those of you not in the US, so keep an eye out later this summer. On another note, there are only around 70 copies of the first album left of the first pressing and all of those are coming with us on tour, so online distributors are all temporarily out of stock until a re-pressing is done. Also, t-shirts are FINALLY re-stocked in sizes S, M, L, and XL; I apologize for it taking so long. I am hoping to sell the majority of them on tour, so am therefore not making them available online right now, however if you are from overseas and would like to purchase a t-shirt, get in touch and I will make it happen.

Many thanks go out to all the venues, promoters, and bands involved with the Høst/Battlefields tour. ICT Fest in Wichita was really great and we are thankful for being a part of it in 2009. On another note, the 7" split with Gumbi is coming very soon (before the supporting tour) and a sample of the new song will be up shortly. Also, writing for the second Høst full length album is nearing completion and recording is being planned for September 2009. Expect a new sound for a new album; you are all in for a pleasant surprise.

03/03/2009 | UPDATE!
Recording for the upcoming split 7" EP is complete and we are now in the mixing process. I will be on leave for March while on tour with Battlefields (, but am currently planning/booking the Høst/Gumbi tour for this summer supporting the split, and writing for the new full length which is coming along very well. Any promoters/bands willing and wanting to help make the tour better, please get in touch.

12/06/2008 | DECIBEL MAGAZINE’S TOP 40 ALBUMS OF 2008!
HØST was featured in Decibel Magazine's Top 40 Extreme Albums of 2008 article in their January 2008 issue, and I must say that it is quite an honor to be chosen. Alongside some big names, we held our own as one of the few indie bands with this kind note by J. Bennet...
"When Høst came out of nowhere (OK, North Dakota) to slay us with their infectious sorta-self-titled debut earlier this year, we didn't know whether to shit or go blind. The band's ferocious black 'n' roll blizzard combined Høst mastermind Zander Ness's love of grunge and black metal while mercifully forgoing the tried-and-tr00 lyrical pitfalls of Tolkien-esque fantasy and ad hoc Satanism. The result: a majestic love letter to Mother Earth scrawled in the blood of awesomeness."

11/11/2008 | NEWS
The upcoming 7" Split EP is under way and should be out in early-mid 2009. This will be a split release between Høst and fellow Fargo locals/friends Gumbi ( The EP will feature one brand new Høst song that will hopefully tide some of you over until the next full length expected for Autumn 2009. Samples will be posted shortly before the release, and an exact release date will be announced very soon!

10/09/2008 | OFFICIAL UPDATE!!!
I have officially changed the name from Hennes Siste Høst to simply HØST (Autumn), the way it was meant to be! This is how we have been known from the start, and this is how we should be known to everybody. Though it is unlikely, you may still see us as Hennes Siste Høst on paper for legal reasons, but HØST is the spoken name. Nevermind any other bands who bear the name, especially the prog rock band whom have been inactive since the 70's. THIS IS HØST!
*SIDE NOTE: The former Høst web-host Angelfire turned out to be a big disappointment; I am working on getting a new website established, but in the meantime, consider the myspace page the only official Høst resource on the web.

07/17/2008 | HØSTFERD TOUR 2008
The Høstferd tour was a success! Thanks a lot to all the promoters, clubs, and supporters involved; it was a great time! Also, thanks to all you local bands and fans who made the kick-off weekend so amazing. Many photos and select video of performances from tour will be posted shortly (there are some up on the myspace page for the time being; enjoy!) Well, you will not be seeing much of Høst playing live in the immediate future, but new releases are on their way and some big plans are solidifying for the fall and winter, so be on the look out! On a side note, the tour completely wiped out all of our merchandise, so please be patient until I can have more made. There will be new t-shirt designs soon, as well as other stuff. Thanks again to everybody who contributed to the Høstferd Tour 2008!

06/19/2008 | HØSTFERD TOUR 2008 LTD. T-SHIRTS!!!
The extremely limited Høstferd Tour 2008 t-shirts are in and are available through Paypal on the MERCHANDISE page. These are very nice quality; get your hands on one while you can!

The plans for our tour kick-off have finally solidified, and here they are: The show will be a two day festival-like concert held at The Red Raven in Fargo. The first night will feature eight bands, and the second will also feature eight bands (Høst and The Decomposeurs will be performing both nights). On Friday (6/20), admission will be $13.00 for a 2 day pass, which will be redeemable for a free Høst CD on Saturday (6/21). If you are only able to attend the Friday show, the pass will be redeemable at the end of the night for your free CD (there will not be a refund for the difference since you are receiving the CD for no cost). If you are only able to attend the Saturday show, admission will be $7.00 and you will not receive a CD (so come on Friday for a much better value!!!). There will be free band merchandise giveaways both nights including stickers, t-shirts, and CDs from the featured bands (there will also be a huge prize awarded to one lucky attendant each night!). This will be one of the biggest all-local shows ever, so be sure to come and see us off! See the tour dates page for the featured bands.

Høst merchandise is now available directly from the "Merchandise" page through Paypal, with which you are able to purchase Høst albums and t-shirts by credit card.

I am very excited to announce that Decibel Magazine will be featuring an interview with me and an album review in their June, 2008 issue (which will be out in May). This is an amazing opportunity and cannot wait until it hits the shelves.

03/09/2008 | INIT RECORDS FESTIVAL 2008
Init Fest 2008 was awesome! All the bands were great, and the turn-out was very satisfying for everybody involved. Our set went well and people seemed to enjoy it, including many people who had not heard Høst before. The whole show was filmed and Init is planning an Init Fest 2008 DVD, which will be elaborated on as more information is available. A big thank you goes out to Rob of Battlefields for filling in on drums for me, and Steven of Init Records for making it all happen. Also, Høst logo t-shirts are available now, and are selling for $8.00 each. Shirts will not be as easily available as the albums, but we will have them on tour with us this Summer, and I will also be getting them in some distributions later on.

Although I strongly encourage all to buy the physical CD, Høst songs are now available as mp3 files courtesy of Snocap, and can be purchased on the "Merchandise" page.

I am pleased to announce that Fordervelse of Koldbrann (Norway)
will be joining Høst on drums for our Summer 2008 Tour. This is very exciting news, and for those of you who are familiar with the Norwegian black metal scene, you should know how great of an opportunity this is for Høst. As the shows are shaping up, and we prepare for tour, I leave you with the announcements that European performances are on the horizon, and that I am currently writing for upcoming Høst releases.

02/10/2008 | INIT RECORDS FESTIVAL 2008 + TOUR
I am pleased to announce that Rob Schmidt (of Battlefields) will be filling in on drumming duties for Init Fest on March 8th in Sioux Falls; I could not have asked for a better fill-in. I can also announce that there is some big news regarding the Summer tour, including a great drummer to be named shortly. Keep up on the "TOUR DATES" page and be on the lookout for updates in the near future.

Hennes Siste Høst (Init Records) are in need of a reliable drummer for our Summer 2008 tour in support of the new album. I ask of no financial commitment other than maintaining your own equipment and supporting yourself; I handle all expenses for the business ends of Høst. Basically, I need someone who can simply be there and play well. Although Høst is based in the Fargo, ND/Moorhead, MN area, I do not necessarily need someone from around here; I would be willing to take in somebody for the duration of the tour/pre-tour rehearsal stretch. I am open to giving anybody a shot, but I am not out to waste time, so if you are a dedicated, ambitious musician who would enjoy touring, be our guest. Virtually any metal or hard-rock drummer would have no problems playing Høst songs; the drumming is not extremely demanding other than being a tight player. ANYONE who is interested should contact me as soon as possible. The tour is a ways off, but time is crucial, and again, I am not wasting any.

The show last night was awesome; our set went very well and The Decomposeurs were great. Thanks to everyone who showed up. The time has come to announce that Tyler (drums) will no longer be part of Høst; I am already in the process of recruiting a fill-in for Init Fest and the upcoming Summer tour. March 7th at The Red Raven will be put on by myself, but Høst will not be performing. Until a full time live member is available, we will be taking a leave from live concerts for a while. As always, updates will be made shortly.

01/10/2008 | UPDATE
There are matters at hand that have disabled Høst from performing for a while; I plan on playing March 7th and 8th and the Summer 2008 tour should remain unaffected. Check the "TOUR DATES" page for live performance updates as they are made.

12/22/2007 | HØST CD RELEASE SHOW!!!
The CD release show last night was simply awesome! Our friends in Battlefields were unable to play, but still showed up to support us, which was cool. There were very few technical problems, and the turnout was amazing. I am looking forward to more great local shows, as well as upcoming road shows. Thanks to everybody who came out; it was great!

The album is now available worldwide through Init Records! Visit to order your copy. Also, the album is now available locally courtesy of Orange Records and Discontent; visit the merchandise page for more information.

I expect to see many of you Fargo locals at the CD release show Dec. 21st at The Red Raven; there will be great bands and much fun. Our CDs will be going for $10.00, featuring full booklets and over 55 minutes of music! I have nearly run dry of samplers, which means that many of you have a good taste of Høst in your mouths, giving you no reason not to get your hands on a full length album. It is safe to say that the album will not disappoint many of you. The show is going to be great; be there or be square!

12/04/2007 | RECENT CONCERTS
Thanks to Bill and Paul for the great shows this past weekend!

11/26/2007 | RECENT CONCERTS
Aside from several equipment problems, the 24th and 25th shows were great thanks to Charlie and Clint. I hope to see you all at the CD release show December 21st!

11/22/2007 | HØSTFERD TOUR 2008
Visit the Tour page for new updates on the Høst Summer tour...

The show last night was awesome! A big thanks to Rusty/Battlefields and to everyone who came out.

I have prepared 100 promotional samplers for the new album, which shall be available to those of you attending the upcoming concerts. The samplers feature the same "SAMPLER" track as heard on the myspace page, but will now be provided in CD form.

The date of the CD release show will be December 21, 2007 at The Red Raven in Fargo. Supporting bands will be announced as they are confirmed.

The release date of the album has been pushed back until December, 2007. The exact date of the CD release and the CD release concert will be posted shortly.

Any promoters/bands interested in seeing/having Høst play live, simply contact me. I am looking for any and many live shows in the near (or far) future. Beginning in November, everyone will be seeing a lot of Høst around the Midwest. Also, there has been serious talk of tours for Summer 2008.

10/15/2007 | ALBUM UPDATE
The album is 100% complete. December and the release will soon be here!

9/23/2007 | ALBUM UPDATE
The album is coming along very well and is right on schedule. All recording is complete; only mixing and mastering remain.

09/01/2007 | LATEST NEWS
Recording for the full length album began on 24, August 2007, and is expected to be finished by early October, 2007. Init and I are still confident for the release to be in November, but the exact date is undetermined as of yet. Many live concerts will shortly follow. All booking inquiries, etc. may be sent to

The release of the split CD between Hennes Siste Høst, Selbstmord, and Hordes Of The Morning Star on Pray for Death Productions (USA) has been cancelled due to lack of funding and difference of interests among the bands. I apologize to those of you who were awaiting this release.

06/29/2007 | 7" EP CANCELLED
The plans for the 7" vinyl EP on Init have been cancelled to ensure the date for the full length release. I apologize to those of you awaiting this release.